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The Outlander by MagatsuKite
The Outlander
The last commissioned piece by :iconbookxworm89: for the High School-verse, featuring Ester Sombermoon: The main female protagonist. Ester is a well-known and very well adored senior (for obvious reasons) with little known about her past.

Working two jobs to support her sister, Ester doesn't truly bother being around anyone save for her mount, Whitey: A pegasus she can summon using a white feather. During the entrance exam, she and Von are paired together and now must be forced to endure one another to go through the school year.

She and Nova have a history together, with Nova constantly gloating his superiority and Ester hating him for slaying Outlanders due to her being one herself (but the school does not know this).

The Headmaster, however, is aware of her true identity and willing leaves her be while she attempts to figure out his true intentions. But how long will he sit idly by while she continues snooping?
The Headmaster by MagatsuKite
The Headmaster
A commission made by :iconbookxworm89:

Another character for the High School-verse, this time of the very enigmatic Headmaster. What's his name? I never decided, so I just have him designated as The Headmaster. Not much is known about this man, but he has a great deal of knowledge about magic, dragons and the Outlands.

It is due to his meddling that Von was chosen to become the next Dragonlord, but for what purpose? What interest does he have in Dragonlords? No one really knows.
The Prodigy by MagatsuKite
The Prodigy
Going back to the High School universe, we have another one of my characters humanized: Von's step brother, Nova. Nova is revered as the #1 senior in the school and considered the strongest student. He is well-known for his mastery of both sword and magic, killer of numerous Outlanders and is not known to have any siblings. He and Von share a deep hatred for one another, but Nova's hatred stems even deeper...

Commission done by :iconbookxworm89:
Regret - Von's realization by MagatsuKite
Regret - Von's realization
N-no... I didn't mean to do this. This isn't what I wanted. Is this what I'm here for?
I don't want this... I don't want this at all.


I'm sorry

Another request I made to Raven. Here we see young Von, having felled Japhet in Zone 2 and upon returning, he sees The Judge all by himself; Sad. Alone. Mewling to the sky, calling for his long lost brother...

And it was all our fault

Von: MagatsuKite
Art by:
To die without leaving a corpse... by MagatsuKite
To die without leaving a corpse...
That is the way of the Garo

A late halloween commission I got from :iconmarikazemus34:
Featuring my ponysona, Von, here dressed up as one of the Garo from Ikana in Legend of Zelda:Majora's Mask
I think he pulls the look off a little too well...
Like he was meant for it


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United States
I'm not an artist, but a simple youtuber and fanfic writer who does what he loves and loves what he does

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